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Shadow Brush
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Shadow Brush

The Shadow Make-Up Brush is an soft, dome shaped brush with a head that is 0.8cm wide and 0.8cm deep. It is made from tacklon, a synthetic material with a flattened silver brass covered ferrule and a 18cm handle including the ferrule. It is ideal for applying eyeshadow to medium areas.
Nylon and tacklon are the most common synthetics used in make up brushes today. Unlike natural hair, nylon and tacklon do not have the scales or cuticles and hence are not so absorbent and will not trap make up media the way natural hair will. As such taklon make up brushes, which are commonly white in colour are commonly used as a concealer brush or liquid cream foundation brush as they are more effective at laying down the product. Tacklon is used as a more affordable substitute for sable but lacks durability as it tends to fan out and become stiffer with use, so is less suitable for powders. Nylon is commonly used for eyebrow brushes as it is harder than tacklon.

How to clean your brush

To clean your make-up brush you should immerse only the hair of your brush in brush cleaner and agitate. If you donít have any brush cleaner then you can apply a mild shampoo to your fingertips and gently shampoo the hair in the direction it lies. You would then rinse gently under running water, making sure that you keep the brush at a slight angle with the hair tips facing downwards. Do not let any cleaner or water run inside the ferrule, as it will weaken the glue and causes shedding and wobbly handles. Make sure you keep the brush at a slight angle with the hair tips facing downwards, then press the brush gently in a towel to dry. Leave the brush to dry flat over the edge of a level surface, i.e. desk, overnight, or hang it up with the tip facing DOWN. The hair part of the brush should not come into contact with any surface whilst drying.
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